Never mistake the hand of God

By Dave Henning / February 25, 2017

“When you are going through a test, never mistake the hand of God for the hand of man.”- Dr. Tony Evans

“God left him [Hezekiah] to himself, in order to test him and see what was really in his heart.”- 2 Chronicles 32:31

In Chapter 3 (“The Pain of Detours”) of Detours, Dr. Tony Evans notes that sometimes we gain the wisdom to choose our own detours.  Most of the time, however, we get caught up just trying to push through our own problem.  As a result, we fail to recognize how a detour actually takes us farther, faster.

God rarely takes us directly from our current location to His planned destiny for us.  Dr. Evans explains:

“God rarely take us from where we are to where He wants us to go.  More often than not, He disrupts the normal flow and directs us down a beaten path made of unexpected curves, clefts, and challenges.  And most often He does this without our consent.”

Detours always include the unexpected.  Yet, Dr. Evans observes, patterns routinely show up as well.  In the next chapters, the author discusses a couple of predictable scenarios.  The first scenario- detours always include a test.

1.  Detours and testing.  Dr. Evans begins with a definition of test from a biblical context.  In this context, a test or trial can be defined as:

“An adverse circumstance either created or allowed by God in order to reveal to us the pathway of development in preparation for His purpose.”

One reason God uses testing is to reveal what’s in our hearts.  Therefore, Tony adds, “trials call your faith to the witness stand to testify to the condition of your soul.”  You must know the truth so you can address it, learn from it, and grow.  Test reveal an accurate heart diagnosis.

But, as Dr. Evans continues next, “never mistake the hand of God for the hand of man” when going through a test.

Today’s question: During your desert, land between time, have you mistaken the hand of God for the hand of man?  Please share.

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