The grace effect we experience

By Dave Henning / May 4, 2017

“God’s unconditional love is so transformative that the grace effect we experience will lead us to forgive even the worst of our worst enemies.”- Kyle Idleman

In Chapter 7 (“More Reconciling Than Your Resentment”) of Grace Is Greater, Kyle Idleman reminds us the Bile says it’s possible to rid ourselves of bitterness, rage, and anger.  Grace flows to us through Jesus.  Consequently, His grace flows from us to others.

A pastor friend of Kyle’s, Pete Wilson, recently explained this flow of the love and grace of Jesus to others.  In a sermon, he stated:

“What you inhale is what you will exhale.”

Put another way, if you’re intentional to inhale God’s grace and forgiveness, you’ll exhale that grace and forgiveness in your relationships.  Therefore, Pastor Idleman urges you to being every day thinking about this image if you struggle with anger and bitterness.

Next, Kyle discusses the three levels of forgiveness.  The first two levels Kyle presented in previous chapters.  He reviews them here.  However, the third level of forgiveness proves the most difficult.  The author reviews the first two levels today.

1.  Level One Forgiveness – Kyle defines this level as “getting rid of bitterness, anger, and rage.”  As a result, when those feelings come, refuse to put them on and wear them around.  Get rid of them.  Make a conscious decision to stop resurrecting the offense.  Rather, focus on what God’s done for you.

2.  Level Two Forgiveness – releasing the person who hurt you; choosing to write off the debt.  Even if your offender refuses to acknowledge his/her guilt, that doesn’t change what God asks you to do.

Today’s question: Describe how the grace effect you’ve experience flows to others.  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Level Three Forgiveness – unrealistic, offensive?”

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