A posture of quiet surrender

By Dave Henning / May 16, 2017

I find that to hear the voice of God, we must be in a posture of quiet surrender.  Starting with small questions helps us do that.”- John Eldredge

As John Eldredge continues the Summer section of Walking with God, he discusses step one in learning to listen to the voice of God.  That step?  Ask simple questions.  To hear the voice of God, we must assume a posture of quiet surrender.  Asking small questions aids that process.

In contrast, it’s futile to begin that first step with huge and desperate questions.  Desperately hoping to hear what you secretly want to hear creates a great deal of drama.  As a result, there’s too much emotion involved, too many thoughts swirling around in your head.

Therefore, John advises, settle down and be present to God.  Pause to listen.  Then, repeat the question.  Most importantly, John notes, while you do this, note your heart’s posture on the matter.  It’s absolutely critical that you’re willing to hear whatever God wants to say.  In other words, when it comes to hearing God’s voice, no more decisive issue exists than the issue of surrender.

Thus, the fact that we’re drawn to God in search of guidance reflects the beauty of surrender.  Consequently, we come away with a deeper holiness.  John summarizes the basics:

  • start with small questions
  • repeat the question quietly in your heart to God
  • bring yourself to a posture of quiet surrender

In conclusion, Mr. Eldredge emphasizes he’s talking about matters of counsel or guidance not directly addressed by Scripture.  Finally, the author states that if he doesn’t seem able to discern God’s answer, he’ll “try on” one answer and then the other.  Often, before we hear actual words, we’re able to sense God’s direction on the matter deep within us- through the Holy Spirit’s power.

Today’s question: What Scriptures help you maintain a posture of quiet surrender?  Please share.

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