What spills out of me reveals what’s inside of me

By Dave Henning / June 12, 2017

“When someone bumps into me, what spills out of me reveals what is inside of me. . . . When the Spirit flows in you, you are given power to become the person God designed.”- John Ortberg

“As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.”- Psalm 42:1

John Ortberg continues Chapter 3 of The Me I Want to Be as he discusses flowing with life and flowing with soul satisfaction.  As John begins, he notes that, spiritually speaking, experiencing the flow of the Holy Spirit makes us come alive.  Furthermore, in the gospel of John, Jesus uses the image of a river to depict life in the Spirit.

In fact, Scripture mentions rivers 150 times, often as a picture of spiritual life. Since Israel is a desert, a river means grace and life.  Specifically, we know that a river ran through the Garden of Eden.

Thus, when a river flows, life flourishes.  As a result of flowing in the Spirit, you experience a sense of God-given vitality and joyful aliveness.  Also, Pastor Ortberg notes, one of the apostle Paul’s favorite words — perisseuein — meant to “overflow” or “abound” with life.  When the Holy Spirit fills people, there’s a tremendous spillover effect.  You’re given power to become the person God designed.  As John adds, “You become you-ier.”

In conclusion, Pastor Ortberg states, Psalm 42:1 speaks of much more than longing for God.  The words signify that God’s our life-giver.  Thus, our desire for life only finds satisfaction in Him.

In contrast, John quips, this psalm doesn’t depict “Bambi wandering through a leafy-green, stream-laden forest with a slightly parched throat.”  Without rain, the desert wadis dry up, and a deer faces death without water.   This means God created us for soul satisfaction.  We simply die without it.

Today’s question: When someone bumps into you, what spills out?  Please share.

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