If Jesus were your direct supervisor

By Dave Henning / July 16, 2017

“If Jesus were your direct supervisor, would you have done your work any differently than you did?  How would you have done repairs, answered phones, typed documents, or taught classes if Jesus were checking your work?”- John Ortberg

As John Ortberg concludes Chapter 20 of The Me I Want to Be, he emphasizes your work represents perhaps the primary place where you live out your calling.  Sociologist Robert Bellah (Habits of the Heart) describes three possible orientations people take toward their work.

1.  Treat your work as a job.  In this approach, your focus on your job as a way to get money and pay bills.  However, when you primarily focus on what you receive from your work, most likely you’ll come to resent your job.

2.  Approach your work as a career.  Although this focus reflects a higher motivation, advancement and prestige receive the emphasis.   Thus, this approach ties feelings to success.  If your career falters, you may feel that your worth is on the line.

3.  Look at your work as a calling.  Calling finds its roots in the life of faith.  Because someone – namely God – calls you, doing just anything you want isn’t an option.  As John points out, you’re the call-ee, not the call-er.

In conclusion, Pastor Ortberg states that servanthood characterizes Jesus’ kingdom- not status, climbing ladders, or getting attention.  John writes:

“The best you is built by serving, and God’s kingdom is one of those kingdoms where if you don’t want to serve, you won’t really want to be there.  Sometimes God will interrupt us in our work, not to give us a chance to show off our giftedness, but simply to give us a chance to serve.”

Today’s question: Do you consider Jesus your direct supervisor?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “The best version of you – a hoper”

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