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By Dave Henning / August 12, 2017

“But if you are in a season of adversity right now, it is helpful to first discover your purpose and know why God has made you.  Without that foundational understanding, the adversity and suffering won’t be worth it.”- Os Hillman

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.”- Edmund Burke, Speech on Mr. Fox’s East India Bill (December 1783)

Os Hillman begins Chapter 1 (“You Have A Joseph Calling On Your Life”) of The Joseph Calling: 6 Stages to Discover, Navigate, and Fulfill Your Purpose as he defines a Joseph calling.  Os cites J. Gunnar Olson:

“A Joseph calling is a marketplace call that a man or woman goes through in order to become a spiritual and physical provider to others.  You become known, just like Joseph became known, by the adversity you have gone through.”

Thus, wherever you are currently, press into Jesus with all your heart.  Spiritually speaking, Jesus will guide you to the next destination.  Even though you’ll most likely make some mistakes along the way, Mr. Hillman encourages you to remember that “your call is greater than the mistakes you have made.”

In conclusion, Os provides a brief description of the six stages of the Joseph calling;

  1. The recruitment stage – usually precipitated through a crisis
  2. The character development stage – God heals and corrects specific character issues
  3. The isolation stage – integrating faith into your daily life; God turns your mess into messages, you into a messenger
  4. The cross – betrayals often occur during this stage; here you learn the lesson of forgiveness
  5. The problem-solving stage – working with others to help them navigate their own adversity
  6. The networking stage – forming key leadership relationships

Today’s question: To help discover your purpose, where do you place yourself in the six stages of the Joseph calling?  Please share.

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