Your time of convergence – clarity in God’s call

By Dave Henning / August 17, 2017

“Convergence . . . when  God’s circumstances, your heart, your talent, your influence, and your social capital converge to maturity.”- Os Hillman

Os Hillman concludes Chapter 3 of The Joseph Calling as he notes God often moves us beyond our natural gifting.  God accomplishes this as He allows us to receive via our obedience to Him.  In Not Knowing Where (1989), Oswald Chambers provides some valuable insight regarding this concept.  Oswald writes:

“The call of God only becomes clear as we obey, never as we weigh the pros and cons and try to reason it out.  The call is God’s idea, not our idea, and only looking back over the path of obedience do we realize what is the idea of God.”

However, to get us in a position to accept a call from Him, God often motivates us through calamity or crisis.  Thus, the crisis causes us to seek God for relief and answers.  Over time, this process encourages us to seek a personal relationship with God.  That’s in contrast to merely desiring His hand of provision or a solution to our problem.

Yet, there’s no specific age when the convergence of calling and purpose intersect.  But when God calls you to walk down a certain path, He gives you the grace for that assignment.  Furthermore, Mr. Hillman offers a three-step process for discovering your purpose and why God made you.  Also, the author suggests completing this exercise with someone close to you who knows you very well.  The three steps consist of:

  1. Create your own natural gifts list.
  2. Narrow your list (choose four key or prominent words).
  3. Create your purpose statement (wordsmith it into a phrase).

In conclusion, Os notes that while not everyone has a high-profile call, God calls each of us.  Whether your assignment is big and visible to others or hidden and seen only by a few, God’s reward remains the same for both.  Therefore, it’s vital we understand that God works through the mundane and ordinary as well as the more dramatic.

Today’s question: Have you reached your time of convergence?  Please share.

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