If you don’t pick up your cross

By Dave Henning / September 4, 2017

“If you don’t pick up your cross, you will be crushed by it.”- Jim Caviezal, actor, Passion of the Christ

In Chapter 11 (“Stage Four: The Cross”) of The Joseph Calling, Os Hillman asserts that every leader must experience the cross through betrayal.  Specifically, Os refers to betrayal as God’s graduate course for leaders.  Yet, many who mature in their faith journey need help to get to that maturity.  Mr. Hillman explains:

“Even the best of saints are unable to crucify the flesh by themselves.  We might be able to put two nails into our own cross, but it always takes someone else to drive in the third one.”

And usually, the author notes, that third nail involves some sort of betrayal.  Most importantly, through betrayal you come to know the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings.  You acquaint yourself with His grief.  Also, you won’t be crushed by the cross.

Thus, Os states, often God uses our pain to “bring us to the point of the cross.”  Furthermore, we must experience our own personal cross to experience the depths of God.  Through seasons of the cross, God prepares you for His calling in your life.  As a result, these times of darkness are necessary.

However, Os adds that these dark times don’t represent roadblocks to your journey.  He exhorts:

“These times of darkness do not slow you down in your journey toward him; they may seem to, but in fact they hasten you toward the final point of your journey.”

Without a resurrection of your life in Christ, there’s no victory that propels you to impact the world around you.

Today’s question: How has Jesus strengthened you to pick up your cross to avoid your cross crushing you?  Please share.

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