Bringers of the gospel – not just a good idea, but good news

By Dave Henning / October 1, 2017

“We meet each other as bringers of the gospel.  The gospel is designed to be said — it’s not just a good idea; it’s good news.”- Jared C. Wilson

In Chapter 6 (“The Revolution Will Not Be Instagrammed”) of The Imperfect Disciple, Jared Wilson cites Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  Pastor Bonhoeffer once wrote that we meet one another as bringers of the gospel.  For this to happen, we must find our church community a safe place to be a sinner.  Hence, judgment of the honest brings bitterness.  However, grace for the honest brings sweetness.  In other words, Jared states, the church is a place where it’s okay not to be okay.

We share our personal faith  in community. In addition, think of the gospel as a family meal.  Jesus desires regular and intentional enjoyment of the gospel in the presence of and for the benefit of others.  Therefore, the church must constantly proclaim the benefits and blessings of community.  In the process, the church turns the world upside down.   Denial and crucifixion of self mark the entry point to God’s kingdom.  As Pastor Wilson explains, this must mean:

” . . . embodying the biblically prescribed counterculture of the kingdom, challenging everyone who lives in the world not to live as those who are of it.”

In the New Testament, the author observes, no concept exists of the church as a collection of individuals with their own ambitions and preferences.  Because the Holy Spirit drives the whole enterprise from the outside.  Community unity mechanizes it on the inside.

As a result, today’s church, Jared stresses, should do no less than the church described in Acts 4.  That church:

  • listened to and felt Scripture together
  • prayed, fasted, and served others together

In conclusion, Pastor Wilson states it’s impossible to sustain any kingdom rhythm by oneself.  Therefore, it’s easier to embrace and sustain kingdom rhythms alongside other Christians.

Today’s question: Where do you meet others as bringers of the gospel?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Confession – developing relational intimacy through shared prayer”

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