Calm, steady, and collected

By Dave Henning / April 16, 2018

“God feels no pressure to rush or force His plan for our growth.  He is calm, steady, and collected even when we want to speed things up.  Our frustration will not make God speed up, because He knows we won’t get the results we prayed for.”- Banning Liebscher

As Banning Liebscher continues Chapter 2 of Rooted, he cautions that in order to thrive in the root-building process, you must not rush it.  Thus, Pastor Liebscher explains:

“You must understand that getting out of sync with the timing of God’s seasons puts you in danger.  Every assignment and lesson He gives you adds something crucial to your foundation.  If you don’t have all the components of your foundation, then when God adds the weight of your calling and vision to life, your foundation won’t sustain it.”

Therefore, patience provides the only way to thrive as well as protect the integrity of what God is building.  For rushing growth signals that we fail to understand the vision toward which we’re growing.  Nor, Banning stresses, do we understand that God always calls us to do the impossible.

As a result, God desires to throw us in way over our heads.  There God makes us successful according to His definition of success.  Our own inevitably limited version of our vision pales in comparison.  Furthermore, we must recognize that the Lord’s answering our prayer.  Especially when it seems like things move more slowly than we think they should.  Or aren’t moving forward at all.

In conclusion, even when we want things to speed up, God remains calm, steady, and collected.  And our frustration certainly fails to force God’s hand.

Today’s question: What Bible verses do you rely on to help you become calm, steady and collected?  Please share.

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