When we confront our deepest fears and longings

By Dave Henning / April 20, 2018

“This [hearing His voice] is the kind of connection we need with the Lord, especially as He leads us into moments where we confront our deepest fears and longings.  We have to  know and be able to stay connected to His voice and His face.”- Banning Liebscher

As Banning Liebscher concludes Chapter 3 of Rooted, he affirms his ability to get through whatever comes.  That happens as long as he quiets his soul before the Lord and listens to His voice.  Hence, Pastor Liebscher makes it his first priority to continually draw close to the Lord.  In addition, Banning quiets himself, waits, and listens for the Lord’s voice.

Along with knowing Jesus’s voice and face, we must come to know His character in order to trust Him.  As the Bible reveals, every aspect of God’s nature and character (a) proves His trustworthiness and (b) invites us to trust Him.  Banning briefly describes four such aspects of Jesus’ character.

  1.  God cannot lie.  When the apostle Paul wrote his letter to Titus, he introduced himself as “a bondservant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ . . . in hope of eternal life which God, who cannot lie, promised before time began” (1:1-2).  However, Pastor Liebscher asserts, our picture of God sometimes includes the possibility He could mislead us.  We must affirm our trust in the truth of His Word, no matter how many twists and turns we face.
  2. God is the perfect Father.  God only gives good gifts.  Therefore, you never need mistrust anything God gives you.
  3. God is loving and kind.  As God continuously invites us to draw up close to Him, our capacity to see His love and kindness increases.  In turn, “His love and kindness naturally attract and inspire our trust.”
  4. God is faithful to be with us.  The Lord’s not simply physically present. He’s also emotionally present and deeply attuned to the most minute details of your life.

Today’s question: How does Jesus meet you at the place where you confront your deepest fears and longings? Please share.

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