In total obscurity for a season

By Dave Henning / May 30, 2018

“When we pray for God’s favor, what if sometimes the only way for him to truly bless us is to place us in total obscurity for a season?”- Brian Jones (emphasis author’s)

Brian Jones continues Chapter 4 of Finding Favor as he asks a scary question: What if you didn’t get where you currently are working by accident?  What if God placed you in that situation?  Pastor Jones responds as he asserts that sometimes God truly blesses us when He places us in total obscurity for a season.  Consequently, hiddenness teaches us lessons that popularity and success cannot.

Furthermore, Brian describes three things that likely get “covered over” when we find ourselves wasting away in limbo.

  1. Recognition.  We feel undervalued when people fail to notice our gifts and talents.  Thus, it’s one of the most painful parts of obscurity.
  2. Opportunity.  Whatever doors we open get slammed in our faces.  As a result, other people we deem less talented or committed always appear to catch all the lucky breaks.  Hence, Pastor Jones wryly observes: “If obscurity is driving the car, comparison is always riding shotgun.
  3. Self-worth.  The most piercing  by-product of obscurity involves second-guessing ourselves.  Watching others waltz through doors while we attempt to break doors down upends our self-worth.  Furthermore, well-intended people only add fuel to the fire when they exhort us to “hang in there” because our time is coming.  Yet, from our point of view, that time never seems to come.

Finally, Pastor Jones stresses, the entire witness of Scripture points to one inescapable conclusion.  Obscurity signals God’s favor.  It’s not a sign of His anger.

Today’s question: What Bible verses sustain you when you labor in total obscurity for a season?  Please share.

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