God’s stamp of approval on your life

By Dave Henning / June 14, 2018

“If we have God’s stamp of approval on our lives — meaning if we’re doing the things he has called us to do — and most importantly, finishing the things he has called us to do — and we do it for his glory, in his strength, to accomplish his goals, then we’re wildly successful.”- Brian Jones (emphasis author’s)

Brian Jones concludes Chapter 10 of Finding Favor as he provides a new definition of success.  True success, he underscores, is finding favor with God.  Failure included.  Thus, Pastor Jones stresses an important lesson we learn from Scripture.  God sometimes leads a person to do something, knowing that they’ll fail.  Yet, He tells them to do it anyway.

Most noteworthy, Brian states, when we look back and see a “string of abysmal , embarrassing, heart-wrenching failures,” that’s a clear sign we’re squarely in God’s will.  Hence, the author summarizes:

“The good things, the painful things, the boneheaded decisions we make, and the occasional glimpses of spectacular accomplishment in the eyes of the world all park themselves under the same roof called God’s divine blessings.”

In conclusion, Pastor Jones notes a troubling difference between the want and the need to be successful.  Psychologist Richard Beck comments on this difference in The Slavery of Death.  Americans, he observes, don’t consider a person a success because they attain some remarkable goal.  Rather, success means one’s life doesn’t betray marks of failure, depression, helplessness, or sickness.

Finally, Brian admits that he dreads insignificance or being average.  Christ should be everything we need.  However, for Pastor Jones, as well as ourselves, we must honestly admit that most days it’s not enough.  Like Brian and the Old Testament prophet Samuel, we must learn to “grow in . . . favor with the Lord.” (1 Samuel 2:26}

Today’s question: Describe God’s stamp of approval on your calling.  Please share.

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