Our inner realm either thrives or withers

By Dave Henning / June 17, 2018

“Each of us has an inner realm that either thrives or withers, depending on the tenants we allow to reside within.”- Christa Black Gifford

As Christa Black Gifford continues Chapter 1 of Heart Made Whole, she asks you to imagine your heart as a large building.  As life expands upward, the ensuing years add floor after floor.  Most noteworthy, God, the Master Architect, dreamed up your heart before your life ever took physical form.  With great attention to detail, God equipped your heart with specific desires and abilities.  They enable you to fulfill your unique destiny.

However, Ms. Gifford adds, every one of us has endured some type of internal damage.  No perfect childhood exists. Christa explains:

“As each year added a new layer to the real estate of your heart, at times it was easy to forget about the damaged childhood floors at the bottom the higher you climbed.  But the problem is, if the bottom of your building was shaky, then it was difficult to build upward without putting the whole thing at risk for collapse.”

Consequently, this pain refuses to stay locked up in the rooms below.  Like a monster gang, it takes over the whole building.  And when pain coexists with you, it’s high-maintenance tendencies prevent you from enjoying your life.  As a result, you likely live in constant fear and anxiety.  Because you need to focus on your pain all the time in a futile attempt to keep Pain hidden and appeased.

In conclusion, the author observes, the longer the Pain monster lives with you, the more it’s voice and yours unite.  Thus, you fail to distinguish Pain’s voice from your own, it’s lies from your truth, and it’s heart from your heart.  And as long as Pain lives in your heart, you’ve allowed it to sign a lease agreement.  Until you kick it out.

But there’s good news, and Christa presents that in the post that follows the Short Meditation.

Today’s question: Currently, does you inner realm thrive or wither?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: the new Short Meditation – “My seasons change, You stay the same”

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