Guarded from God doubt and distrust

By Dave Henning / June 26, 2018

“Our hearts can either be guarded from God in doubt and distrust, or peace will guard our hearts through relationship as we abide in Christ.”- Christa Black Gifford (emphasis author’s)

In Chapter 3 (“The Doubting Heart”) of Heart Made Whole, Christa Black Gifford admits that every time she went through a trial, she immediately put God on trial.  As a result, no matter how hard she tried, Christa never got close to God.  Because she pushed Him away in distrust.  In addition, Satan knows this and stands ready to take full advantage.  Ms. Gifford explains:

“The deceiver knows that if he can get you to question God as a good Father — believing that He doesn’t love you fiercely, that He doesn’t fight to protect you, that He didn’t send His only Son to restore you to His embrace — then you will begin to withhold pieces of your heart from Him. . . .  Our scheming enemy also knows that as long as parts of you aren’t on friendly terms with God . . . those pieces will remain barren, tormented, fragmented, and broken.”

Furthermore, although nothing ever separates you from the love of God, you can certainly live like you’re separated.  And perception can determine your spiritual reality.  Thus, when your heart shields itself from God, you’ll find it hard to hear and experience the very God you’re pushing away.

Therefore, like Christa, when you hit a rock-bottom-hopeless zone, you need Jesus.  He’s more powerful than the hurt ruining your life.  And Jesus easily carries the heavy burden of your offense toward God, yourself, and others.

Finally, Christa asserts, when you doubt God’s goodness you need more than another sermon giving factual evidence of God’s faithfulness.  Rather, you need to believe.  And that requires a supernatural encounter with a love greater than your brokenness.

Today’s question: How have you guarded your heart from God in doubt and distrust?  Please share.

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