It’s the heart that believes

By Dave Henning / July 3, 2018

“The head might know, but it’s the heart that believes.”- Christa Black Gifford

Christa Black Gifford continues Chapter 6 of Heart Made Whole as she explores the first two languages of the heart: thoughts and words.

1.  The Language of Thoughts.  Even though your head might know, Ms. Gifford observes, it’s your heart that believes.  In addition, your thoughts don’t always mirror what you’ve learned as fact.  Rather, your thoughts more likely expose what you’ve come to believe through your life experiences.

Thus, we need to take a step back to look at the situation from the Father’s perspective.  As the Father gazes into your broken heart, He sees amazing potential for miracles.  Not a hopeless mess beyond repair.  As a result, rather than hating your negative head, start using it to your advantage.  Rather than condemning your bad thoughts, use them as pathways toward a heart encounter with God.  For He’s the One always ready to tell you the beautiful truth.

2.  The Language of Words.  As Christa astutely observes, “taping up a mouth does nothing to change the cesspool inside the heart.”  Before the overflowing speech changes, the heart must change.  Yet, bad speech need not be a total waste of breath.  Instead, pay attention to your words without shame and condemnation.  Under the kind tutelage of the Holy Spirit, you can pinpoint all sorts of secret rooms to invite Jesus into.  In the process, you’ll find God’s been waiting to heal the hurt behind the words.

In conclusion, Christa exhorts:

“Plain and simple, all negative speech points to a deeper need for the heart to be sanctified.  So instead of being cruel to your heart for its brutal honesty, take a moment and express gratitude, thanking it for speaking so loudly.  At its core, it’s still a beautiful work in progress, in need of a miracle-working Savior.”

Today’s question: How do you connect your head with the heart that believes?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “When we aim at our symptoms”

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