Treading water right now, waiting for . . . ?

By Dave Henning / August 9, 2018

“One thing is for sure.  This is your time.  Not some other situation.  Not tomorrow or yesterday.  We are often tempted to think that we are treading water right now, waiting for some other time, some more important position.  You don’t get to choose your time; your time chooses you.  You are where and who you are for a reason.”- John Ortberg

John Ortberg concludes Chapter 15 of When the Game is Over as he connects how God revealed His message to Esther to our sense of mission.  In the case of Queen Esther, God revealed her mission through her cousin Mordecai.  Similarly, God reveals, at least partly, your mission through the words of a wise and trusted friend.

Furthermore, Pastor Ortberg underscores, deep in our souls we know God created us for more than an easy mission.  Also, an easy mission won’t thrill us.  And just as there were depths in Esther that she didn’t suspect, perhaps you’ll find similar depths in you.  As John reminds us, shadow missions cannot feed the soul.  It’s never enough.

So, John asks, who functions as your Mordecai?  Who knows you so well he or she can help you identify God’s calling? When you want to shrink back, who loves you enough to challenge you?

In conclusion, New Testament scholar F. F. Bruce describes Jesus’ shadow mission – to be Messiah without suffering.  Bruce writes:

“Time and time again the temptation came to Him from many directions to choose some less costly way of fulfilling that calling than the way of suffering and death, but He resisted to the end and set His face steadfastly to accomplish the purpose for which He had come into the world.”

Finally, even in exile, God’s present.  Unseen by Esther, His purpose remained certain.  That holds true for us as well.

Today’s question: Do you feel like you’re treading water right now?  Please share.

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