Gratitude fosters humility – be intentional

By Dave Henning / November 18, 2018

“Frankly, it’s (grace) easy to ignore unless I decide (intentionally) to never lose my gratitude. . . .  Gratitude fosters humility because it moves you out of the role of the star in your story.”- Carey Nieuwhof

“If you are wise and understand God’s ways, prove it by living an honorable life, doing good works with the humility that comes from wisdom.”- James 34:13 (NLT)

Carey Nieuwhof concludes Chapter 10 of Didn’t See It Coming as he presents five practices to help you cultivate and exercise humility.

1.  Never lose your gratitude.  The more you acquire, the easier it is to lose your gratitude.  Conversely, Pastor Nieuwhof observes, scarcity creates gratitude. Therefore, the author encourages, when you begin to think you earned, perhaps even deserve, what you have, try this instead.  Force yourself to acknowledge that everything you have is a gift from God.  Furthermore, God’s given you everything so you can share it – to benefit others.

2.  Take the low place.  The humble take the low place.  Hence, they’re intent on serving rather than being served.  So, when perks come your way, Carey suggests this simple discipline: share them.  When God blesses you, share those blessings with others, that they may benefit.

3.  Open your notebook. Unchecked, pride blinds you.  As a result, you stop learning form anyone you deem beneath or equal to you.  Also, you refuse to learn from people you believe are smarter or more successful than you.  In contrast, humility learns from anyone, anywhere.  It keeps its notebook open.

4 .  Push other people into the spotlight.  Since pride loves to hog the spotlight, it wants to be acknowledged, recognized, and celebrated.  A humble person, on the other hand, delights in the success of others.  In addition, a humble person realizes that the overall mission supersedes his/her own importance.

5.  Get ridiculously honest with yourself (and God).  This represents one of the best ways to win the war against pride.  Because you only get that kind of breakthrough with brutal honesty.  For, Carey notes, the deadliest lies we tell= the ones we tell ourselves.  Carey exhorts: “Level with yourself and with God.  Everyone else knows your weakness.  So does God.  Why not admit it?”

Today’s question: Describe how gratitude fosters humility in your life.  Please share.

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