A personal appointment with God

By Dave Henning / January 8, 2019

“You may not consciously try to push your suffering through the grid of your beliefs, but your cries and questions are richly theological.  Like me, you would love to make a personal appointment with God, sit down with him in his celestial office, and have him respond personally and directly to your questions.”- Paul David Tripp

In Chapter 12 (“The Comfort of God’s Purpose”) of Suffering, Paul David Tripp states that suffering draws out of you profoundly important questions that you long for God to answer.  Thus, in this chapter, Pastor Tripp considers the following question: Does my suffering have a purpose?

The biblical answer, most assuredly, is yes.  Most noteworthy, no other answer but ‘yes’ does justice to (a) what the Bible says about God and (b) how our world is ordered.  As a result, Scripture’s definitive answer provides tremendous comfort to sufferers.

Therefore, no comfort exists if you tell yourself the normal breakdown of the universe’s natural laws caused your suffering.  For there’s no peace in the belief that an all-powerful God merely stands by as His broken creation devastates you.  Likewise, what if you blame Satan for your ills?  Would it give you hope that Satan delights in your travails?

Since God is in absolute control, there’s divine reason and purpose to everything we face.  God’s after the ultimate good of His creation.  Also, that places God in the unique position.  He offers just the kind of help we need in our time of hardship.

Finally, Pastor Tripp observes, during suffering God’s children tend to cling more tightly to His promises.  In addition, we must realize that, as we hold tightly to God’s promises, that our hope depends entirely on His sovereign rule.  God makes good on His promises because He rules over the situations where they’re needed.

Today’s question: What would you like to ask God if you made a personal appointment with Him?  Please share.

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