If the filters came off – heart repair

By Dave Henning / January 22, 2019

“If it suddenly became impossible for us to cover up all the junk we normally hide from the rest of humanity, I have a feeling we would all be motivated to deal with the source of what ails us.  If the filters came off, we would no doubt be relentless about repairing the condition of our hearts.”- Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley concludes Chapter 2 of Enemies of the Heart as he explores the real source of our spiritual  heart condition.  First, it’s natural for us to try to deflect the blame.  Because, Pastor Stanley observes, no one wants to admit to having heart problems.  We’d feel better if our behaviors caused our slip-ups.

But it hurts to hear that our hearts need repair.  However, it’s only when we recognize and address the root problem that our outward behavior changes.  Putting restrictions on our behavior only delays further misadventures.

Most noteworthy, Pastor Stanley states, the people closest to your routinely catch the flak sprayed by the explosive stuff you work so hard to keep in hiding.  Although you suppress the explosive stuff in social settings or among casual acquaintances, it comes out at home.  For at home you’ve turned off the safety switch and let down your defenses.

In other words, Andy states, the people you love most witness your heart’s negative expressions.  Yet, the author asserts, a solution exists:

“We need to change.  We need to change from the inside out.  It won’t do us any good to guard our behavior more closely.  Our words and deeds are simply gauges of what’s going on inside.  They indicate where we are, where we aren’t, and where we’re headed.  But the real culprit is the heart.  That’s where the real transformation must take place.”

Today’s question: What Scriptures help you when all the filters come off?  Please share.

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