An authentic assessment of mounting evidence?

By Dave Henning / March 9, 2019

” . . . the enemy doesn’t leave this ‘not good enough’ script as a general whisper that passes through our thoughts.  No, he makes it very personal.  So personal, in fact, we determine it’s an authentic assessment of mounting evidence that we fall very short.  We don’t even know this is all coming from the enemy, because the recognizable voice we hear saying it over and over again is our own.”- Lysa TerKeurst

As Lysa TerKeurst continues Chapter 5 of It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way, she cautions that Satan cues the ‘not good enough’ script anytime you feel disappointed in yourself.  In fact, Satan’s paralyzing lie represents one of his favorite tactics to keep you disillusioned.  As a result, you put up walls and your emotions run high.  And you get guarded, defensive, and demotivated.

Yet, Ms. TerKeurst reminds us, we create to love others.  Not plead with them for validation.  Hence, you choose which narrative to cling to: ‘Not good enough’ or ‘Find delight in what is right.’  Each perspective swirls around you, calling you to declare it as truth.

Most noteworthy, Lysa asserts, anytime we buy Satan’s lie that we’re not good enough, we deny a powerful truth.  The truth that we’re a glorious work of God in progress.  In addition, as unfinished creations, everything we touch contains imperfections.  Therefore, don’t expect a perfection in yourself – or others – that even God Himself doesn’t expect.  So, if God shows patience with this process, so can we.

Finally, Ms. TerKeurst emphasizes, to see your imperfections and not deem yourself worthless, that’s an act of self-compassion.  And, Lysa stresses,  we must get to that place of self-compassion if we ever hope to develop true, deep compassion for others.

Today’s question: What keeps you from seeing ‘not good enough’ as an authentic assessment of your current condition?  Please share.

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