The deception that imprisons us

By Dave Henning / March 24, 2019

“God is the author of the Truth that empowers us.  Satan is the author of the deception that imprisons us. . . .  There is no freedom in sin.  There is a quick fading thrill with sparks and fireworks, but then darkness envelops, and you realize the party is in a prison cell.”- Lysa TerKeurst

As Lysa TerKeurst continues Chapter 9 of It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way, she begins her discussion of the second thing Satan wants to do to you.

2.  Deception.  When people fail to ground themselves in Truth, their feeling drive them.  As a result, what started as just a small thought erupts into a full-blown storm.  Hence, this raging storm takes over their decision.  And eventually this affects those around them.

However, Ms. TerKeurst stresses, we must do more than read warnings about deception and desires.  We need to read the truth of what to do with our desires.

First, Lysa observes, we must work to honestly admit our motives driving the desire.  Because when we tire of waiting on God, grow weary from wanting what someone else has, or ache from unresolved hurts, we risk deceiving ourselves as well as falling prey to the enemy’s deception.

Therefore, it’s crucial that we check our motives.  So, Ms. TerKeurst offers three questions to challenge the motives behind your desires:

  1. Will this make me more like Christ or less like Him?
  2. Will this help me get more healthy spiritually, emotionally, and physically?
  3. Would the most spiritually mature person I know think this is a good idea?

Next, we must understand what God offers in place of unhealthy choices.  For when our human desires aren’t fulfilled, Lysa emphasizes, the scream to be satisfied.  As easily and quickly as possible.  Also, in that moment God’s truth doesn’t seem nearly as appealing.

Yet, as Ms. TerKeurst points out in the next blog, God’s not shaking His finger at us.  Rather, He’s planning something better for us.

Today’s question: What’s the deception that imprisons you?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Feeling immune to the enemy’s tactics”

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