Out of tune with God’s voice

By Dave Henning / April 13, 2019

“Until you hear the voice of God, you won’t be able to sing His song?  Why?  Because you’re out of  tune.  That’s how we get stuck in sinful habits and negative cycles and destructive patterns.  But when you open the Bible and really hear the voice of God . . . your life begins to echo God’s.  Your life becomes a joyful noise.  Your life begins to harmonize with the Holy Spirit.”- Mark Batterson

As Mark Batterson continues Chapter 5 of Primal, he tells the story of a music trainer hired to work with opera singers.  These opera singers failed to hit certain notes within a specific octave.  Even though these notes fell within their vocal range.  As it turned out, the singers had a problem with their hearing.  Hence, they couldn’t sing a note they could not hear.  The problem centered on hearing, not singing.

Similarly, Pastor Batterson observes, when we’re out of tune we won’t hear the voice of God.  Consequently, we’ll lack the ability to sing His song.  But when, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we develop a relationship with God, we love His voice.  Thus, when we love God we love His Word.

Therefore, Mark asserts, it’s crucial to develop daily disciplines.  Because they ultimately determine your destiny.  Also, when you maintain that discipline long enough, that discipline turns into desire.  For example, the more you read the Bible, the more you’ll crave God’s Word.  As the author puts it, “It’s an acquired taste.”

In conclusion, Pastor Batterson exhorts, you need a consistent diet of Scripture to grow spiritually.  Most noteworthy, you’ll never outgrow this diet of Scripture.  There’s no substitute or supplement.  To metabolize Scripture, Mark contends, you need to meditate on it.  That’s how it roots in your soul.

Today’s question: What Bible verses keep you from getting out of tune with God’s voice?  Please share.

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