Worship – powerful antidote to anxiety

By Dave Henning / May 18, 2019

“Worship is a powerful antidote to anxiety because worship and worry aren’t compatible with each other.  They can’t coexist.  When we worship God, we are reminded of his greatness and power, and we naturally begin to cast the weight of our anxieties on him.”- Kyle Idleman

Kyle Idleman continues Chapter 4 of Don’t Give Up as he unpacks three ways pride makes us anxious.

1.  Pride makes me self-centered.  Self-centeredness leads to increased concern with one’s own pleasures, desires, and comforts.  And the more intensely you focus on those things, the more anxious you’re going to feel.  Furthermore, social media reinforces anxiety 24/7.   Because, Pastor Idleman observes, it causes us to ruminate on (a) what others think or (b) what we’re missing out on.

 2.  Pride refuses to ask for help.  Since we insist on carrying the weight on our own, we refuse to ask God  – or anyone else – for help.  That means we must humble ourselves in order for change to occur.  Kyle adds:

“Have you asked anyone for help?  Have you gotten on your knees and humbled yourself before God and asked for His help?  Don’t think of it as an admission of defeat.  Think of it as anxiety transference.”

 3.  Pride has control issues.  Pride makes demands.  Also, those demands dominate our thoughts.  In contrast, humility acknowledges the limits of human control.  As a result, it surrenders those things to God.  While pride tires to take the reins, humility transfers the  weight over to our caring God.

Along with worship, prayer is essential.  As Kyle explains, “Prayer that casts the weight of anxiety on God is prayer that is full of thanksgiving and supplication.”

Finally, the author stresses, in prayer we need to do more than tell God about our anxieties.  Most noteworthy, we need to tell our anxieties about God.  For no matter how heavy your weight, God desires you unhindered and free.

Today’s question: How do you see worship as a powerful antidote to anxiety?  Please share.

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