Downsize the problem: reassuring, dangerous

By Dave Henning / May 24, 2019

“Believing I can fix it requires me to look at the problem unrealistically. . . .  telling myself I’m in control helps me downsize the problem in my mind.  Hey, this is no big deal — nothing I can’t fix.  Reassuring — and dangerous.”- Kyle Idleman

“Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and grace to help us in our time of need.”- Hebrews 4:16 (NIV)

Kyle Idleman continues Chapter 6 of Don’t Give Up as he covers the second lie that we believe.

Lie #2: You can fix it yourself.  When you bounce too far in the opposite direction from believing you don’t have what it takes, Kyle observes, you find yourself in the world of ‘I can fix it myself.’  Therefore, if you believe this lie of pride you:

  • refuse to ask for help, even though you sorely need it
  • hide your mistakes and weaknesses, even when your only hope for healing means you must reveal them
  • think God is unnecessary

Now, the ‘it’ in need of fixing might be another person – or yourself.  Yet, Pastor Idleman observes, four thing happen when you buy into Satan’s lie that you can fix it yourself:

  1. It increases pride.  Because god loves us, He hates anything that destroys us.  And pride truly destroys us.
  2. It minimizes legitimate problems.  If you minimize the problem, telling yourself it’s fixable, you believe you can quit anytime you want.  But when you face the problem seriously and objectively, you’re forced to realize you can’t fix it.
  3. It robs intimacy in our relationships.  Convinced you can fix it yourself, you fail to ask anyone for help.  And you keep people at a distance.
  4. It fuels hypocrisy.  Since you can’t bring yourself to let others know how bad things are in your life, you must pretend.  Also, living with this façade exhausts you.  Plus, you can’t sustain the pretense.

So, Kyle stresses, come boldly for God’s help.  For God not only has all the power you need, He loves to see you grow.  Don’t wait around for God to show up!

Today’s question: Have you ever tried to downsize the problem?  Please share.

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