Blessing begins with seeing – agape seeing

By Dave Henning / July 27, 2019

“Blessing begins with seeing.  Before words of blessing can reach toward future vision, we must attend to present reality.  And that means we must turn our gaze from ourselves . . . and see others as they long to be seen.  This is agape seeing, a way of seeing grounded in love and sacrifice.  It takes time and discernment, inviting God to help us truly see.”- Tina Boesch

In Chapter 3 (“Blessing a Child”) of Given, Tina Boesch states that the idea that blessing requires seeing another seems so obvious.  Yet, Tina finds this one of the most difficult aspects of blessing for two reasons:

  1. It goes against the grain of one’s natural tendency to focus primarily on oneself.  And one’s needs, wants, and interests.
  2. Agape seeing requires you to free yourself from life’s distractions.  That freedom, in turn, allows you to carve out time to look at and listen to others with focused attention.

Therefore, when life’s demands constantly pull your attention in so many directions, it’s hard to truly see.  The author reiterates:

“Meaning is veiled by distraction.  The fragmentation of my attention keeps me from seeing with insight the people who are closest.  Whey my consciousness frays around the edges, distraction keeps me from seeing with the clarity of vision that’s essential to blessing.”

Hence, using a blessing as a tool to achieve our own ends equates to no blessing at all.  As a result, the vision to bless well requires a willingness on your part to search your heart and examine your motivation.

In conclusion, when you bless you see with the eyes of your soul.  Consequently, you see the value and identity of the person you bless as it relates to the God who leads and redeems you.  Most noteworthy, the strength to do this grows out of your relationship with God.  Furthermore, you nurture that relationship through prayer, worship, struggle, and trust.

Today’s question: How have you found that blessing begins with seeing?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Blessing and worship spring from the same source”

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