Naked truth – the need to confront

By Dave Henning / November 6, 2019

“If we don’t confront the naked truth, we’ll spend too much time and money on things that remain here on earth and not enough on the one thing that goes with us.  Because ultimately the only thing you take with you into heaven is other people.”- Bob Merritt

As Bob Merritt continues Chapter 10 of Done With That, he presents four steps to shift affections away from possessions and more toward people.  He talks about the first two steps today.

1.  Confront your naked truth.  At some point, Pastor Merritt counsels, we need to get brutally honest about our nakedness (see Job 1:21).  As Job observed, not one single thing we possess will last.  Everything remains on earth.  In addition, the author notes, ” We came into the world naked, we’ll leave naked, and all the days in between, we’re still pretty naked.”

Therefore, Pastor Merritt contends, knowledge of our total destitution should help us loosen our grip on earthly things.  For if we realize material good aren’t ours for the taking that gives us much less reason to fret over them.

2.  Give more than you take.  In Uprising: A Revolution of the Soul, author and pastor Erwin McManus asks this question.  What would happen if, in every situation, you committed to making a greater contribution than withdrawal?  Pastor McManus adds:

“As contrary as it may seem, the person who gives away most of himself will have the greatest experience of love.  The depth and profound nature of love can only be known in the context of personal sacrifice for others.  This is why wholeness only comes in the act of giving, rather than the pursuit of getting.  We are most whole when we are most free to give.”

Today’s question: What life events compelled you to discover the naked truth about yourself?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Work hard at maintaining the facade”

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