An ice cream truck in your world

By Dave Henning / March 21, 2020

” . . . become the equivalent of an ice cream truck in your world. . . .  Be the person that people are glad to see.  Be the voice people want to hear.  Drive the happiness truck.  And see if you aren’t the one smiling the most.”- Max Lucado

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.”- Acts 20:35 (NLT)

In The Next Step: The Happiness Challenge, the concluding section of How Happiness Happens, Max Lucado focuses on the story of USC long-snapper Jake Olson.  At the age of two months, Jake lost his left eye to retinal cancer.  And, at the age of twelve, the cancer returned.  So doctors decided that Jake’s right eye must also be removed.

When Pete Carroll, the USC’s coach, heard about Jake’s upcoming second surgery, he invited Jake, a huge USC fan, to meet the players and attend practices.  Later, after Carroll moved on to the Seattle Seahawks, he invited Jake to join him on the sidelines for a game.  While Jake stood there, a center for the Seahawks asked Jake if he’d ever deep-snapped a football.  Certainly, Jake didn’t need sight to launch a ball between his legs to a holder eight yards away.

As a result, Jake made it his dream to play in one USC game.  That happened in a 2017 game against Western Michigan.  With USC well ahead, Jake entered the game to snap for the extra point.  Per agreement between the opposing coaches, Western Michigan agreed not to rush the kicker.  After the referee whistled the ball ready for play, Jake snapped a perfect spiral.  Extra point good!

Finally, Max observes, everyone loves a story like this.  Hence, even though we never saw the snap or witnessed the kick, we warm with happiness just reading about it.  Max explains:

“Happiness has a way of cascading forth when humanity is unselfish enough to help others have their moment.  Gratefully, we can replicate such moments any time of the day and any place on earth.  Desire a rain shower of joy?  Weary of the drudgery of the day?  Then do this: serve someone, greet someone . . . . give your time, your counsel, and your heart.  Make someone happy.”

Today’s question: What helps you become an ice cream truck in your world?  Please share.

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