Unraveling souls – pattern of fear, anxiety

By Dave Henning / May 3, 2020

“I have discovered a consistent pattern of fear and anxiety unraveling souls amid the loss and disappointment that we experience when life is different than we expect.  I have found that the longing persists, and pain can be relentless when we become blind to the goodness right before us.  Our aching trumps our ability to see and take hold of God’s present provision, and it is as if a blindfold is placed on our eyes and hope evaporates.  Oh, how we yearn.”- Meredith McDaniel

Meredith McDaniel moves on in her Prologue of In Want + Plenty as she acknowledges the feeling that enough is enough and you aren’t enough to keep the plates spinning.  Consequently, Meredith encourages, the first place to begin gaining a new perspective involves your own personal story.  Because only one person exists who’s the true expert on all things you  – you!  Thus, it’s essential to dig into your narrative.

In fact, Meredith stresses, research shows that two things lead to inner healing:

  1. taking intentional time to listen to what God is whispering
  2. being mindful of His presence

Yet, the author understands, digging up the past often consists of a brutal process many of us aren’t eager to engage in.  But, Meredith adds, it’s a worthwhile process that uplifts our unraveling souls.  Furthermore, it sparks an abundant journey of healing – the gift of constant refinement.  A way to wake up your life with fresh eyes.

Also, author Dan Allender writes about coauthoring our stories with God: “So take seriously the story God has given you to live.  It’s time to read your own life because your story is one that could set us all ablaze.”

Finally, Meredith observes, brokenness births beauty when people allow God to enter in and restore their hearts.  God is good.  And He’s always near.  That’s truth – even on the hardest days!

Today’s question: “What Bible verses break the constant pattern of fear and anxiety unraveling souls?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Our false self – cheapened version of God’s best”

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