In Want + Plenty: Waking Up to God’s Provision . . .

In Want + Plenty (Revell, 2020)

In Want + Plenty: Waking Up to God’s Provision in a Land of Longing is Meredith McDaniel’s first book.  Meredith, a graduate of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, ministers as a licensed professional counselor.  She owns her own private practice, Milk + Honey.  The author observes that we all begin with high hopes for life.  But then we wake up and realize that live looks quite different than we dreamed.  And every day something occurs that makes people want to give up, to reject all they know to be true.  Furthermore, our aching trumps our ability to see and take hold of God’s current provision.  Therefore, the first place to start gaining a new perspective centers on your story.  With fresh eyes, Meredith exhorts, trace God’s hand in your story.

As your trace God’s hand in your story, He invites you to ponder all He’s already done.  And what He’s currently doing.  So when you want to throw in the towel, God gently extends His grace in the form of manna.  He proves that He’s indeed all-sufficient.  Rather than seek what you think you need, open your hands to what Jesus has for you in the moment.  Thus, to answer the question of what you most want, you must sit still in your feelings for more than a passing moment.  For as you look deeper into your story, you experience more fullness.  It’s incredible to see what unfolds, when, in faith, you surrender your plans to God.  Because we receive all we need through His mighty power.

Above all, Meredith encourages, you see your greater purpose and gain a vision when you welcome God into your story.  Through releasing control, you find more freedom, plus the comfort of Jesus.  Tell Jesus your needs – it’s a colossal step in the direction of wholeness.  In addition, once you know your patterns and name your thorns, you can unearth the gifts they bring – and find freedom.  Most significantly, God meets us and guides us moment by moment, breath by breath.  In want and plenty, it’s necessary to posses faith in an invisible God who makes Himself visible every day.  To wake up to the manna God provides, simply recognize what you already have.

Finally, Meredith cautions, when we suffer in silence, we run the risk of letting the darkness win.  Also, life as a victim involves constant doubt.  Yet, every type of crying out matters to God.  He hears us when we let it all out.  Only God brings calm to our chaos and helps us change our mind-set about our current circumstances.   As our Manna, God gives us glimpses of His glory in the form of manna – made just for us.  In want and plenty, we experience God’s nearness, extending Jesus’ love to others as manna makers.  Meredith closes with this blessing:

“Whether we are in want or plenty, may we have fresh eyes to see ourselves and others as manna makers, not for our own glory but for God’s.  May we bloom in desert places.  Amen.”

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