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By Dave Henning / July 7, 2020

“After my conversion (to Christianity), when I prayed for direction about what I was destined to do, instead of just thinking about what I personally wanted to do, I suddenly received clarity.  I felt moved to start a blog.”- Jennifer Fulwiler

Jennifer Fulwiler concludes Chapter 2 of Your Blue Flame as  she talks about the second through fourth components of her definition of blue flame.

 2.  Your blue flame is your destiny.  In Oprah’s book The Path Made Clear, she describes her role as cohost of a talk show and interviewer.  When she finished interviewing her guest, Oprah observed that her whole body told her that was what she was supposed to do.

As Jennifer points out, Oprah failed to say that interviewing equated to what she wanted to do.  Instead, Oprah used the word supposed.  Next, Oprah went on to describe her work as a calling rather than a job.  Thus, Jennifer adds, “This is the language of destiny.  In order for someone to be called, something or Someone outside them has to do the calling.”

Above all, following Jennifer’s conversion to Christianity, she deepened her spiritual understanding of what it means to have a blue flame.  And she felt moved to start a blog.  Years later that blog le to her first book contract – radio program – stand up comedy.  In addition, Jennifer sensed that she’d discovered the map already drawn for her by God.

3.  Your blue flame fills you with energy.  Most significantly, Jennifer’s whole life changed when she realized her blue flame infused her with energy.  Rather than sapping her.  Therefore, the author encourages, this represents one of the first ways you’ll know you’ve hit your blue flame.  You come alive!

 4.  Your blue flame adds love to the world.  Hence, your blue flame cannot result in something that serves only you.  Jennifer explains:

“As a Christian, I believe that God is the source of all love, and so I like to think that your blue flame is your unique way of sharing a little bit of God with the world. . . .  You’ll find that using your blue flame is a beautiful way that you can love the world — and let the world love you back.”

Today’s question: After your conversion or baptism, how has God answered your prayer for direction?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Start seeking your blue flame”

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