Throwing your faith a lifeline

By Dave Henning / August 18, 2020

“It’s (opening toward God) like throwing your faith a lifeline.  Every wonderful thing in your life is a gift from God, an expression of his heart toward you. . . .  Every moment you have ever been happy, thrilled, comforted, hopeful . . . that was God loving you.  Such gifts come from no other source.”- John Eldredge

“Melt the clouds of sin and sadness,/ Drive the gloom of doubt away./ Giver of immortal gladness,/ Fill us with the light of day.”- Lutheran Service Book 803

John Eldredge continues Chapter 8 of Get Your Life Back as he reminds us that we need the clouds of sin and darkness melted away.  In addition, we need the dark of our doubts driven off.  Just like night flees before the day.  Furthermore, the author adds, two practices help you to get there.  Hence, John covers the first practice today.

 1.  Start with something you love.  This step represents the way back, the path home.  Because we sometimes fail to draw the connection that God created the things we love specifically for us.  And He gave us the heart to love them.  So, John exhorts, when you experience something or someone you love:

” . . . your heart spontaneously sings, I love this!  The next step is to say, So does God.  He made the moment; he made these things.  He is the creator of everything I love.  Your heart will naturally respond by opening toward him.”

Above all, only this act of love brings you a greater measure of God.  This act engages your heart and soul in loving Him.  Like a flower that opens its petals to the sunshine, our soul opens up to the sunshine of God’s presence.  And all the goodness He yearns to breathe into us.

However, the author cautions, this act isn’t like putting a Band-Aid over deep sorrow, suffering, trauma, or loss.  Certainly, the effect of those things on your relationship with God requires deep, sustained healing.  Yet, John believes, you can recover much through this practice.  Much to your astonishment and delight.

Today’s question: How do you see the things you love as throwing your faith a lifeline?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “The thing Satan most hates – intimacy with God”

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