The thing Satan most hates – intimacy with God

By Dave Henning / August 19, 2020

“Your intimacy with God, this heart-to-heart love we were made for, this is the thing Satan most hates, and it has to be fought for.  Not just by God, by the way; don’t wait for him to make it better.  Far too many people react to God in  adolescent anger. . . .  We must live maturely, knowing that whatever else is happening, we must preserve the relationship if we would find our way.”- John Eldredge

John Eldredge concludes Chapter 8 of Get Your Life Back with the second simple practice to fill you with the light of day.

2.  Love God in your suffering.  Your heart represents the greatest treasure you have.  Because you need a heart to love or to receive love.  And you need a heart to dream, hope, laugh, or find courage.  Above all, Satan knows this.  Thus, he’ll try to use your suffering to (a) shut your heart down and (b) subtly turn you against God in doubtful hurt.  Therefore, John underscores:

“You must guard your heart with everything you’ve got, especially in times of disappointment and pain.  Your secret weapon against the enemy’s hatred is to love God right then and there in the midst of sorrow, whatever it might be.”

As a result, John counsels, you need to work out your problems while staying in relationship with God.  Furthermore, fortress your heart against the lies of Satan that rush in during heartbreak.  When you actively choose to love God in your pain, you receive the very grace for which your pain cries out.  To walk through your pain alone, in contrast, makes that pain all the worse and lengthy.  Hence, John encourages, “Make an offering of your suffering.  Love God in it.”

Finally, the author stresses, expressing love — either out loud or quietly — causes your heart to follow suit.  As you receive God, you again realize how wonderful He is.  With more room in your heart, you receive more of Him.

Today’s question: What most helps you establish or maintain intimacy with God – the thing Satan most hates?  Please share.

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