A spiritual realm beyond the scientific, definable

By Dave Henning / October 29, 2020

“In the Bible, however, we see there is a spiritual realm beyond the scientific and definable.  Some things just don’t fit into worldly, psychological categories.  In Scripture, we see that there are some things we simply cannot fully understand.  Perhaps understanding should not be the ultimate goal?  This is something many Western Christians struggle with, unfortunately . . . . we always need a category.”- Heath Adamson

“We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take very thought captive to obey Christ.”- 2 Corinthians 10:5 (ESV)

In Chapter 7 (“When Demons Beg”) of The Sacred Chase, Heath Adamson observes that much of the spiritual world remains hidden from us.  However, Heath asserts, if we believe in life after death, it shouldn’t be that mind-blowing to believe in the activity of angels and demons.

Furthermore, Mr. Adamson states, we need the wisdom and understanding of God as revealed in Scripture to apply earthly knowledge.  Heath adds:

“The knowledge of God, however, has less to do with intellectual achievement or IQ and more to do with God’s heart.  Judas . . . had all of his questions answered by Jesus himself.  He sat regularly under the teaching of Jesus.  Good teaching and perfect knowledge aren’t enough if your heart doesn’t yield to God.”

Finally, the author counsels, we must apply our Christian beliefs to our lives.  For example, the man called Legion overcame all his excuses, allowing his spiritual passion to fuel his actions.  As a result, that produced sustainable renewal.  Therefore, any assessment of your circumstance you take needs to include God’s view.  Otherwise it’s inferior.

Above all, Heath notes, most of our victories and defeats occur on the battle ground of our spiritual thought life.  Hence, the author cautions, we must guard against educating and advancing ourselves into a candy-coated form of spiritual deception.  Because God’s wisdom always trumps ours.

Today’s question: What most maintains your focus on the biblical spiritual realm?  Please share.

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