Surrender isn’t always easy, but it’s essential

By Dave Henning / October 31, 2020

“Surrender isn’t always easy, but in the life God designed us to inherit in Christ, it’s essential.  We do not inherit God’s good promises by striving and wrestling with our enemy.  We are not supposed to become better experts at the way evil works. . . .  Our best strategy to overcome the inferior life isn’t to ignore the reality of our spiritual enemy, but we must guard against being preoccupied by it. . . .  We fix our eyes not on the problem, but on Jesus.”- Heath Adamson

“Submit yourselves therefore to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”- James 4:7 (ESV)

Heath Adamson moves on in Chapter 7 of The Sacred Chase as he notes that surrender paves the road to the sacred chase.  Thus, you win battles in your soul not through fighting, but through surrender.  In addition, as Heath delineates, in surrender you:

  • confront your insecurities and get comfortable with who God formed you to be — rather than turning into a chameleon to fit in with others
  • pick up your Bible and read until your heart softens and peace returns
  • avoid idolatry through changing your definition of who God is as a means to justify the decision you make or don’t make

Above all, Heath underscores, while surrender comes in multiple forms, its substance always stays the same.  Because we truly receive only when we first let go.

However, when we think of being alone, at times that idea frightens us.  Because then we need to deal with our true selves.  As a result, we may tolerate travelers, as King David did.  For isolation is too hard.  Certainly, we’re never alone.  God’s always with us.  But, Mr. Adamson reminds us, “Learning to hear God’s voice in the midst of many others requires more than listening.  It requires surrender.

Finally, Jesus, the Light of the World, exposes the travelers who find a safe haven in the dark corners of our soul.  Hence, our awareness initiates a response.

Today’s question: Through the power of the Holy Spirit, what Scriptures help you submit to God?  Please share.

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