Callings not static – come with blessings, burdens

By Dave Henning / December 19, 2020

“Callings are not static.  And each of them comes with blessings and burdens — things we love and celebrate about them and things that make them challenging and difficult. . . .  God is at work through us in important but sometimes hidden ways.  The Christian recognizes this, celebrates it, and seeks God’s Spirit for strength and grace to fulfill these many vocations according to His will and for His glory.”- Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Leininger

Rev. Jeffrey Leininger concludes Chapter 1 of Callings for Life as he reminds us not to see the faces, places, and spaces of our lives as random or purposeless.  Nor must we consider them indulgent opportunities for either personal advancement or monetary gain.  Rather, we need to view them as gifts from God.

Therefore, you don’t need to pursue a tireless and needless search for the one great thing.  Because you already possess many great things unfolding in the who, what, and where of your daily life.  Rev. Leininger continues:

“How exciting to discover the many ways God is at work through me!  I have callings.  I don’t have to exhaust my energy seeking after the one great thing.  God has given me meaningful and holy relationships, roles, and activities presently that are pleasing to God and fulfilling to me — if only I would open my eyes and embrace them.  . . .  But when I begin to understand that my callings are found in the plural rather than the singular, I can live at ease and at peace, expressing love and service in the faces, places, and spaces of my God-given life.”

Finally, the author underscores, the blood Jesus shed in His death on the cross gives us ongoing forgiveness.  But, Christ’s forgiveness is so much greater than our many failings.  As a result, as Christians we seek to love and serve our neighbor in freedom and faith, with peace and power.

In other words, “Now that you don’t have to do anything, what are you going to do?”

Today’s question: How do you believe that your callings are not static?  Please share.

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