The sky will darken, the winds will rage

By Dave Henning / January 15, 2021

“All of us will face our share of storms.  No one gets through life scot-free.  At one point or another the sky will darken, the winds will rage, and we will find ourselves in a modern-day version of the Galilean gusher.”- Max Lucado

“Soon a gale swept down upon [Jesus’ disciples], and the sea grew very rough.  They had rowed three or four miles when suddenly they saw Jesus walking on water toward the boat.  They were terrified, but he called out to them. ‘Do not be afraid.  I am here.”- John 6:18-21 (NLT)

In Chapter 6 (“I AM in the Storm with You”) of Never Alone, Max Lucado talks about Jesus walking on water and stilling the storm.  First, Pastor Lucado notes, as the disciples set of across the lake to Capernaum, a strong wind blew.  The waters grew rough.

Above all, Jesus wasn’t in the boat.  And Matthew writes in his gospel that Jesus told His disciples to cross the water (Matthew 4:22).  Hence, crisis mode existed for the disciples.  Furthermore, the disciples set out at sunset and only rowed three or four miles by three in the morning.  As Max wryly observes, “This was no carefree trip on a lazy river.  This was a back-breaking, boat-bouncing, terror-stirring push and pull of the oars.”

As a result, Max states, the disciples found themselves too far from the shore, struggling for too long, and much too small against the waves.  And Jesus? – nowhere to be seen.  In other words, the disciples felt too small and too alone.

In conclusion, Pastor Lucado applies this event to our lives:

“The storm controlled the disciples.  Storms can dominate our lives as well.  Jus as we have no authority over the squalls of nature, we have no authority over the squalls of life. . . .  You might pursue good health, but still face a pandemic.  Storms overtake us.  And it sometimes seems they will never end.  But then the unimaginable happens.  ‘They saw Jesus approaching the boat, walking on the water; and they were frightened’ (John 6:19 NIV).”

Today’s question: At the point where the sky will darken and the winds will rage, what Scriptures sustain you?  Please share.

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