Exactly who God intended you to be

By Dave Henning / February 2, 2021

“When God created you, He chose every piece about you and planned for you to use it to fulfill your destiny.  You are exactly who God intended you to be.  And God often uses the weaker and less likely people in the world to accomplish the greatest things.”- Dr. Tony Evans

As Dr. Tony Evans moves on in Chapter 1 of Discover Your Destiny, he talks about five characteristics of a masterpiece.  Dr. Evans underscores that you are:

1.  Rare.  Even though replicas or prints of a masterpiece exist to reflect the unique nature of the original, there’s only one masterpiece.  Just like there’s only one you.  God designed you as a rare and unique person.   Therefore, don’t ever entertain the notion of adopting someone else’s identity.  God made only one you, and you are that one!

2.  Special.  You won’t be all God created you to be until you start believing that you’re special.  Because knowing your identity changes your posture.  As a result, you think, talk, walk, and live differently.  God didn’t pick you off the rack.  Instead, he custom-made you.

3.  Valuable.  People pay a lot of money to own a masterpiece.  In fact, museums and galleries lock up masterpieces in secure and protected locations.  Hence, see yourself as God’s workmanship.  Rather than what other people say about you.  Perhaps others see a block of marble with flaws and jagged edges.  But God sees the treasure within.

4.  Named.  Artists and sculptors who created masterpieces give their creations names that reflect their meaning and purpose.  Above all, your name points to your purpose and destiny.  For your name expresses God’s reason for your existence.  Consequently, if you don’t know your name, ask God to show it to you.  Because He’s named you!

5.  Known.  People frequently link a masterpiece with its creator.  As God’s child, He uniquely created you.  Most significantly, God wants others to know you in connection with Him.

Today’s question: Do you believe you’re exactly who God intended you to be?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Functioning like the masterpiece you are”

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