Like a good neighbor- Ed was there!

By Dave Henning / February 5, 2021

In Chapter 10 (“A New Conception of Work”) of Every Good Endeavor, author Timothy Keller expands his definition of a Christian (Biblical) worldview.  God not only creates, He provides providential care, largely through the labor of others.  Pastor Keller explains:

“As an extension of God’s creative work, the Christian’s labor has its orientation toward God himself, and we must ask how it can be done distinctly and for his glory.  As an extension of God’s providential work, our labor has its orientation toward our neighbor, and we must ask how it can be done excellently and for his or her good.”

Implicit in these two aspects of the Christian worldview is that the Bible’s view of work applies to all types of work done by all people, whether they believe or not.  When I was in graduate school at Chicago State University for my master’s degree in learning disabilities and living at home with my parents, we were blessed by our next door neighbors Ed and Loretta.  Although Ed was a truck driver professionally, I believe his true vocation was helping hand.

Ed’s God-given artistic and electrical abilities blossomed in adulthood.  When I needed illustrations for a parent manual on testing I was preparing for a course, I knew my stick figures wouldn’t cut it.  All Ed needed from me was a verbal description of  my concepts- and great cartoons followed.  Ed’s excellence was pivotal to the success of my project.  Ed, whether or not you realized it, you were “Jesus with skin on” to our family on countless occasions!

Today’s question:  Following your downsizing or position loss, what people have been blessings to you and remain committed to your healing and restoration?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: The “work beneath the work”

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