The T Stage – our Father gives us space, freedom

By Dave Henning / July 14, 2021

“In the T Stage . . . our Father gives us space and freedom for what we want to do with our lives.  It’s like he hands us the keys to his new car and nods, ‘Go ahead.  Take it for a drive!’  The Lord trusts you and wants to empower you to do what you want.  With the Spirit of Jesus beating in your heart and breathing in your lungs you can do great things to love people and advance the Kingdom of God on earth today!”- Kristi Gaultiere

In Chapter 9 (“The T Stage: Transforming Union”) of Journey of the Soul, Kristi Gaultiere begins with this recap:

“In the beginning of our journey the Shepherd was directive to make us lie down in green pastures, lead us beside still waters, and guide us in the good path.  Then in the dark valley of death when we thought he’s abandoned us, we found that he was with us each step of the way.  Now at the T Stage he follows us (emphasis author’s).”

Furthermore, Kristi stresses, on our journey we incorporate the graces of the earlier stages.  Thus, we grow in the character of Christ.  Above all, at the T Stage our goal = union with Christ.  Yet, although many people experience touches of this union, Kristi notes, few actually live in it.  In addition, in true Christlikeness, you realize part of loving God and others involves caring for yourself.  Because they want you to be cared for.

In conclusion, Kristi underscores, Trinitarian prayer – the heart of the T Stage.  As Kristi states, God the Father loves us, Jesus graces us, and the Holy Spirit companions us.  Rather than worry about the future or feel guilty about the past, we enjoy the present with Jesus.

Hence, proclaiming God’s presence becomes more of a habit.  A natural and unconscious reliance on the Holy Spirit.  Finally, at this stage, you come to deeply believe in God’s special purpose for your life.  As a result, you expand you loving concerns to ever-widening circles of people.

Today’s question: What do you deeply believe represents God’s special purpose for your life?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: the annotated bibliography of Journey of the Soul

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