The doubt that floods your mind – rise above!

By Dave Henning / August 22, 2021

“In your own process of learning to rise above the things that feel hard in life . . . you will have naysayers.  And you will have dream defenders.  But it will be your decision to rise above the doubt that floods your mind about who you are based on what others say, and what you’re becoming despite others’ judgments of you.”- Nicki Koziarz

In Chapter 7 (“Doubters Gonna Doubt”) of Flooded, Nicki Koziarz talks about what happens when you walk with God and listen to God.  Certainly, you’d like to believe people will enthusiastically throw you a following-after-God faith parade.  However, in truth, it’s quite the opposite.  In fact, Nicki asserts, as you begin your process, you’ll probably find more people who don’t believe in you.  As opposed to those who do.

Above all, Nicki underscores, you don’t need everyone to believe in you.  However, you need to believe in yourself as well as to believe in others.  As a result, Nicki offers four tips to help you navigate through the naysayers.

1.  Consider not sharing the process until your confidence matches the calling.  When God calls you into something, you’re not required to share that calling with anyone.  Until the time is right to share your calling with others, this can be a holy-sacred place for just you and God.

2.  Surround yourself with positive voices.  If you’re unsure who to trust with your God-sized dreams, Nicki suggests the following.  Try sharing something small.  If the people you share with turn your goal into something negative about their life, they’re not your people.

3.  More actions, fewer words.  Do you find yourself spending more time telling people about your calling than actually doing it?  Because your behind-the-scenes actions eventually reveal how much time you’re willing to put into this.  Nicki’s motto: “Keep your head down.  Work hard.  And prove them wrong by your outcome.”

4.  Take what you need, leave the rest.  When you get what seems to you like negative feedback, don’t reject it outright.  Instead, see if there’s anything you need to look at differently.  Those who see what they need and let go of the rest often go the furthest.

Today’s question: What Scriptures help you rise above the doubt that floods your mind?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Patience and a plan – rise above the doubt”

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