The quieting effects of meditation

By Dave Henning / September 21, 2021

“It is in the midst of such constant turmoil that the believer stands in great need of the quieting effects of meditation, so that he may distill God’s voice from the noise of everyday living.  God gave the practice of meditation . . . to all HIs children so that we might better relate to Him. . . .  The important thing is that we get alone with the Lord to find His direction and purpose for our lives.”-
Dr. Charles F. Stanley

In Chapter 8 (“Sitting Down Before the Lord”) of Can You Still Trust God?, Dr. Charles Stanley discusses the topic of meditation.  To his dismay, Dr. Stanley observes that contemporary Christians exclude that word from the biblical vocabulary.  Because, the author underscores, meditation and its spiritual application possess immense value.  It enables us to listen accurately to God.

Therefore, Dr. Stanley stresses, meditation constitutes a daily priority for believers.  As a result, it’s one discipline Satan doggedly desires to keep us from observing.  Hence, Dr. Stanley adds:

“Meditation is God’s way of crowning our lives with His success and prosperity of soul, body, and spirit.  It is also a catalyst to abundant living.”

Consequently, Dr. Stanley shares four principle that serve as guides to meaningful meditation.  The author talks about the first two today.

1.  Review the past.  As you review the past, you’ll see patterns that God has woven into your life.  In all of your dealings.  Thus, you see God’s hand of correction, comfort, and exhortation.  That, in turn, enables you to better distinguish His moving in your life at the present time.

2.  Reflect upon God.  As you reflect upon God, consider these three facets: His presence, grace, and goodness.  When you focus your attention on God, that puts any problem in the proper perspective.  That’s how Jeremiah Denton survived seven horrendous years as a POW in North Vietnam.  Internalized Scripture worked as an unseen sword to fend off the enemy’s cruelest weapons.

Today’s question: How do you employ the quieting effects of meditation?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Inward look at problems, situations”

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