The scramble to grow a purposeful life

By Dave Henning / October 6, 2021

“In the scramble to grow a purposeful life, we accidentally forfeit too much — a settledness with what we already have, a sense of peace with what already is, and a connectedness with people right here with us.  You can get so rushed chasing a certain kind of remarkable life that you miss the fact that you’re already standing inside the one God gave you.”- Jennifer Dukes Lee

In “Ready, Set. Slow: An Introduction” to Growing Slow: Lessons on Un-hurrying Your Heart from an Accidental Farm Girl, Jennifer Dukes Lee talks about why we’re all in a hurry.  Yet afraid to slow the pace.  Furthermore, even though we desire a simpler life, we display a persistent refusal to take hold of it.

Ultimately, Jennifer observes, its’ all about what drives our desire to join the chase.  It all boils down to the fact that we want love, connection, fruitful lives, and meaningful growth.  Because we cannot secure the good life we’re after by running hard.  Rather, we achieve it by growing slow.

However, well into her forties, a functional medicine doctor diagnosed Jennifer with a sever case of stress.  Above all, he told her she needed to address heart and soul issues.  Therefore, the author describes Growing Slow as a messy account of her move from a place of depleting hurry to a place of sustaining trust and rest.  Thus, Jennifer didn’t write this book because she knew everything about the topic.  Instead, she wrote the book because she needed to relearn everything all over again.

In conclusion, Jennifer describes the rich reward waiting for those who opt to grow slow.  She writes:

“But there is a richer reward waiting for us when we embrace slowness and stop idolizing speed.  A Growing Slow life gives you what your heart really longs for: permission to take a beat and to take a breath; grace to try again: courage to walk instead of run; and space to live in the astonishing and wild love of Christ.”

Today’s question: What draws you into the scramble to grow a purposeful life?  Please share.

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