A Siberian cold, an arctic circle

By Dave Henning / December 15, 2021

“When did you first realize that life was not going to turn out the way you thought? . . .  In that moment a Siberian cold settled over your life.  Your world became an arctic circle of dark days, long nights, and bitter weather.  Winter . . . .  The entire world seems wrapped in winter.  We are searching for springtime.”- Max Lucado

In Chapter 1 (“Searching for Springtime”) of You Were Made for This Moment: Courage for Today and Hope for Tomorrow, Max Lucado observes that winters make up a part of life.  And, whether they’re personal or global, all winters possess great power.  But even though we try mightily to bundle up and lean into the wind, even the heartiest people can fall.  Because winter consists of strong winds and long nights.

Yet, Max states, one question remains all too common: Will this winter ever pass?  As a result, you wonder if you’ll survive this.  If so, Pastor Lucado exhorts, God offers you a six-letter word of encouragement: E-S-T-H-E-R.  A book written for reading in the wintertime.  So, to those longing to see a green sprig on a barren branch, Jesus asks us to follow Him.  For He wants us to see what He can do.

Next, Max provides a brief introduction to Esther’s memorable quartet of characters:

  1. Xerxes – thirsts for wine, disregards women, changes his convictions with the weather, delegates decisions
  2. Haman – the villain in this story, wealthy and influential officer in the cabinet of Xerxes, had the ear of the king
  3. Mordecai – quite content to remain quiet, chose to keep his Jewish heritage quiet
  4. Esther – her lovely appearance affords her access to the king, possesses conviction and courage

Finally, Pastor Lucado notes, one character appears to be missing.  Where’s God in Esther’s story?  A question, Max stresses, fit for the asking.  Most significantly, two books in the Bible never mention the name of God- Esther and Song of Songs.

Tomorrow Max explores the seeming silence of God in the book of Esther.

Today’s question: When has a Siberian cold settled over your life?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: Eloquent in His seeming silence”

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