Box God in = boxing God out!

By Dave Henning / April 8, 2022

“Again, we need structure!  But we dare not box God in by boxing God out!  The Holy Spirit can show up anytime, anywhere.  And He can do it in some strange and mysterious ways.  This is good news when it comes to breaking habits. . . .  The Holy Spirit is the prompt . . . the pattern . . . the prize.  I have a theory of everything and it’s this: the answer to every prayer is the Holy Spirit.”- Mark Batterson (emphasis Mark’s)

On Day 30 (“Choose Your Own Adventure”), the final entry in Do It for a Day, Mark Batterson tells a story from the life of John Muir.  In December 1874, John Muir lodged at a friend’s cabin in the Sierra Nevada.  A terrible storm swept through the Yuba Valley.  Instead of seeking shelter, Muir located the tallest Douglas fir tree.  Then he climbed to the top and held on for dear life.

Above all, John Muir hugged that hundred-foot Douglas fir tree for several hours.  And that tree swayed up to thirty degrees from side to side.  Yet, Muir feasted on the sights, sounds, and smells of the storm.

So, the final challenge on Day 30 = go outside.  As Mark suggests, think about the time Abram took a two-foot field trip.  God took Abram outside his tent to count the stars.  Because Abram’s tent obscured his vision.  Consequently, Pastor Batterson exhorts, don’t put an eight-foot ceiling on what God can do!

In conclusion, Mark notes, author Edward Packard loved telling bedtime stories to his daughters.  Packard’s stories revolved around the many adventures of a character named Pete.  However, at times Packard ran out of ideas.  Then he’d ask his daughters to share their ideas for storylines.

Most significantly, those bedtime stories birthed Packard’s Choose Your Own Adventure book series.  But before someone shared Packard’s vision, nine publishers rejected his idea.  Therefore, Mark encourages you, choose your own adventure.  Because it’s too soon to quit and too late to stop!

Today’s question: At what points in your life did you try to box God in?  Please share.

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Tomorrow’s blog: the annotated bibliography of Do It for a Day

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