The missing pieces in our lives

By Dave Henning / May 10, 2022

“When you think about your story  . . . perhaps it’s more like that infuriating feeling you get when you’ve spent hours putting a jigsaw puzzle together only to discover that a couple of pieces are missing. . . .  However, I’m learning that the missing pieces in our lives are not gone forever.  They reappear at unexpected moments, and even when it hurts for them to be put back in place, the picture is much clearer when they are.”- Sheila Walsh

In her Introduction to Holding On When You Want to Let Go: Clinging to Hope When Life is Falling Apart, Sheila Walsh notes that as a young adult, life looked fairly straightforward.  Thus, Sheila figured she knew the right answers to most things life throws at people.

But, with the passing years, those answers began to ring hollow.  So, rather than seeing straight lines, Sheila now sees circles.  And those circles cycle back again and again to the same place, demanding more authentic answers.

As a child, the author remembers climbing on the ruins of an ancient Scottish castle near her home.  Above all, something about the missing pieces of the walls and turrets spoke to her.  Hence, this wasn’t the castle of princesses.  Instead, the castle stood for those living in the ruins of what was.

Because God’s still writing our stories, we need to continue learning how to be healed and whole.  Also, we need to trust God with the still-missing pieces of our lives.  Those pieces aren’t lost.  so, Sheila encourages, you aren’t forgotten, overlooked, or pushed aside.

In conclusion, Sheila exhorts:

“Life is not out of control, even when it feels as if it is.  I promise you that.  You are being held, and God is tenderly holding your missing pieces. . . .  Life does not give us a quick fix, but God is always moving, always working. . . . I believe in miracles now more than ever.  They happen in God’s time and with them comes hope. . . .  No matter where you are as we begin, I’m praying that by the power of the Holy Spirit, you will hold on.”

Today’s question: What Scriptures most help you with the missing pieces in your life?  Please share.

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