Chosenness = wish fulfillment?

By Dave Henning / June 21, 2022

“Chosenness doesn’t mean you get wish fulfillment, but that you get hesed-attachment.  Because wish fulfillment doesn’t ultimately fulfill like hesed-attachment fills us, with communion that begins to heal trauma. . . .  This is the way of hesed; this is the way our Father heals our trauma.  He will make a way through to what we need the most.”- Ann Voskamp

“Turn, LORD, and deliver me; save me because of your unfailing [hesed-attachment] love.”- Psalm 6:4 (NIV)

Ann Voskamp concludes Chapter 2 of WayMaker as she underscores that God saves you by tenderly attaching, or fusing, His heart to yours.  Most significantly, Dr. James Wilder states that the late Dallas Willard urged an ongoing discussion of salvation as hesed.  Because Dr. Willard viewed salvation as capable of producing disciples who spontaneously exhibit the character of Jesus.  However, he found, too often they don’t.

Yet, the Lord, abounding in steadfast [hesed-attachment] love, in unwavering kindness, chooses to bind Himself to you.  One nail at a time on the cross.  Saved and safe in real time.

Furthermore, God’s hesed-attachment continues without end, underneath His everlasting arms.  Making a way right through to eternity.  And since all trauma involves detachment and loss of connection, attachment saves and heals us.  Attachment to, Ann lists, our people, bodies, souls, and God.

In conclusion, Ann connects lament with healing.  She writes:

“Lament can be tears that water new life, if you let it come.  God knows that we don’t need a way to something as much as we need a way to be healed — and healing comes through the closeness of hesed-attachment because He knows how close we need Him to actually experience His healing touch. . . .

Expect nothing but hesed — because this turns out to be everything.  Behind every kind act of God is the hesed-lovingkindness of God.”

Today’s question: What Bible verses keep you from viewing chosenness as wish fulfillment?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “A fairytale dream come true?”

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