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By Dave Henning / July 23, 2022

“God isn’t transactional, making deals with us of no pain in exchange for faithful love; God is relational, making the way to be with us through pain because He is faithful Love.  God doesn’t keep us from suffering; He keeps us through it.”- Ann Voskamp (emphasis Ann’s)

“Don’t be bullied into silence by the threats of bullies.  There’s nothing they can do to your soul, your core being.  Save your fear for God, who holds your entire life — body and soul — in his hands.”- Matthew 10:28 (MSG)

As Ann Voskamp moves on in Chapter 16 of WayMaker, she exhorts us to spend time with God in the Word.  To pore over God’s ways more than we pore over any other informational streams.  Because to pore over God’s ways bears witness that we truly want God to make a way.

However, Ann cautions, evil hisses that a loving God better get us roads without any suffering.  As a result, we must shake off that lie and crush it with the truth.  Because God loves us, we get roads with Him.  Thus, we’re always soul-safe.  Certainly, the author exhorts, hell tries to work us over.  But God works even these hellish things into good.

Above all, the author underscores, life’s a winding road, rather than a march straight ahead.  Ann states:

“Life is not a linear, forward march, but a circuitous God-toward move, and the road that seems to be winding the wrong way can also be making the way closer toward the home of Him within. . . .  Every fighter deserves a witness.  Every life needs its lifers.  When anyone has to bear pain, they deserve someone to at least bear witness to it.”

In conclusion, Ann stresses, only one way exists to fight waves.  You must keep your heartbeat in rhythm with Jesus, who walks on water.  And heaven can heal any heartache. for every heartache on earth is felt more in heaven.

Today’s question: Do you find your interactions with God more relational or transactional?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Go faster to get home?”

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