Redeeming the voices that weary us

By Dave Henning / September 6, 2022

“Redeeming the voices that weary us requires that that volume be turned down on lies that suggest God resents us, he is ambivalent toward our sorrows, and he will not come through for us in the end.  Turning the volume down on such lies requires turning the volume up on truths that put regret, fear, and hurt in proper perspective.  To help us with this, God has provided the gift of song.”- Scott Sauls

In Prologue 6 (“Why We Sing”) of Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen, Scott Sauls talks about how God provides the gift of song to put life’s troubles in proper perspective.  Therefore, Pastor Sauls observes, at times we need a ‘holy roar’ from our Christian mentors and peers.  And we hear that roar and feel it most deeply when we gather to sing.  Because Christian hymns inspire and empower us in the saving health of Christ.

1.  Regret.  Hymns such as Amazing Grace tap into a deep, universal human need.  That any broken contrite, and penitent heart can be forgiven and redeemed by Jesus.  No matter how dark or deep the memory of those sins – ones we commit or others commit against us.

2.  Hurt.  Above all, in the darkest moments for God’s people, we want the truth about life, death, resurrection, and heaven read and spoken to us.  And also sung over us.  Furthermore, In Pastor Saul’s experience, sufferers sing hymns such as ‘It Is Well’ the loudest.

3.  Fear.  In addition, Pastor Sauls stresses, because of Christ’s finished work, we possess three inestimable gifts.  Forgiveness for the past, strength for the present, and hope for the future.

Finally, Pastor Sauls offers these words of encouragement:

“There are healing properties to music, especially the music of God.  Remarkably, God goes out of his way to love us out of our distress with songs of grace, comfort, and hope.  Because God is gracious, this includes even the distress we have brought on ourselves.”

Today’s question: What Scriptures help you in redeeming the voices that weary you?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “A new song in our mouths”

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