Our human heritage = adventure

By Dave Henning / October 4, 2022

“Adventure is not a human commodity.  Adventure is our human heritage.  The Creator gifted us space on a terrestrial planet and invited you and me to learn and know who we are in relation to it, thus giving us deeper understanding as we relate to him.”- Timothy D. Willard

“Not all those who wander are lost.”- J. R. R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

As Timothy Willard continues Chapter 7 of The Beauty Chasers, he observes two things about wandering:

  1. Wandering is our natural state.
  2. Navigation isn’t always about certainty.

In addition, the author states, the Latin phrase homo viator means ‘man on a quest’ or ‘man as traveler or pilgrim.’  Thus, that Latin phrase fails to indicate hapless wanderings.  Quite the contrary.  Homo viator embodies the logical idea that God created us to search.  Because there’s a lingering incompleteness in life.  However, Timothy cautions, if we cease moving, we forfeit our birthright as wanderers.

Apart from God, though, beautiful things often become objects of love and pursuit.  Also, these beautiful things take many forms.  Plus, they provide a level of pleasure.  Yet, it’s easy to spot these beautiful things.  For they draw you to the thing itself.  Rather than point you to God.

Consequently, the author exhorts, we all need to push beyond the comfort of our own spiritual hobbit holes.  Above all, it requires spiritual fortitude to walk up the mountain, like Moses and Abraham before us.  It’s not easy to undo our well-laid perceptions of the world, beauty, and God.

In conclusion, Timothy talks about meaningful change:

“Meaningful change does not begin at the macro level.  It begins with the individual — not individualism — mind you, but the heart of the person.  The world may carry on as if beauty possesses no significance, sliding far from the ancient understanding of the created order and divine origin, but it is the individual, you and me — who can affect immediate change by bearing witness to the foundations of our faith.”

Today’s question: Do you agree with the author that adventure is our human heritage?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “The prism of beautiful collisions”

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